Big Band Charts for Beginning and Intermediate Bands

As a professional composer for Film and TV, I get to work with some of the best musicians in the world.  As a Jazz Educator, I've made one of my specialties working with younger, less experienced musicians. I've been very gratified with the results.  My secret weapon has always been writing music that young players LOVE to play, and that's written in a way that will put them in their best light.  I believe that, when written properly, an easy chart can be as hip and fun to listen to and play as a more challenging piece.  I also like to make the solo sections as musical as possible, and while still easy, it's not just the blues. (Though I often make the changes work nicely with the ubiquitous blues scale)

Since the Pandemic of 2020 and the use of "online" rehearsal and recording platforms (BandLab, SoundTrap etc.) I have started providing "Stems" with my charts.  These are audio tracks that are music minus one for certain chairs as well as section options.  I have made sure that the notated parts stay in sync with the audio by omitting DS or DC al codas, repeats or second endings.  I also provide a count-in that is reflected in the measure numbers. I've enjoyed helping a lot of Band Directors learn and work with "Cloud Based" and "Home Based" Digital Audio Work Stations and even provided video tutorials for both Directors and Students. 

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