Dan Radlauer has been composing music since he got dumped by a girl in 10th grade. That led him to a different love which is composing music in many genres, not just sappy love songs.  

Playing guitar, keyboards and bass, he studied composition and music production in a variety of settings.  Then, he followed his passions to Los Angeles where he has had many decades of fun and profit composing music for TV, Film and Commercials.  

He's won numerous BMI Composer Awards, had his music played both live and on TV and Movie Screens all around the world.  

A life long student of the many aspects, genres and technologies of music, Dan brings a broad palette of musical colors and influences to the music he composes, from full Orchestral Scores, to Head Banging Rock, to EDM, Pop, ethnic influences and yes, sappy love songs.  Dan believes it's all about story telling, and there are many ways to tell a story.  

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