Dan Radlauer-Composer

contact: Dan@RadMusic.net



Dan Radlauer has composed for Television, Feature Films and over 1,000 commercials for companies including:  Coke, Nissan, Pizza Hut, Lexus, Experian, Microsoft, Denny's, Mazda, Mattel and many others.  

Dan's score for a new Planetarium Show at The Griffith Observatory won the Hollywood Music in Media award for 2021 for theme park attractions 

Dan is composer for the VH1 Reality Hits  "The Surreal Life” "Flavor of Love” and “For the Love Of Ray J". He also scored the music for Style Network’s “Ruby” as well as Joel Silver's "Next Action Star"  on NBC. 


Dan has done the score for a number of “indy” feature motion pictures including “We’re Not Broke” which was featured at the Sundance Film Festival as well as contributing to both score and soundtrack of Mummy III. 


He has received numerous BMI TV Music Awards. 

His music is heard internationally from Theme Parks in Asia, to commercials in Australia, Europe and Russia to the Montrose Jazz Festival in Switzerland. He frequently donates his time and talents to non-profit organizations composing music for public service announcements and fund raising videos. 


An accomplished pianist, guitarist, bassist, orchestrator and synthesizer programmer, he has the ability to compose in many styles from classical, jazz and symphonic music, to rock, techno, hip hop and sound design. He is also frequently asked to collaborate on lyrics for songs and jingles. 

Be sure to look for Dan’s band “Acoustic Asylum” which plays around the Southern California area and features some of LA’s top recording and touring musicians.