Dan Radlauer composer



Dan Radlauer has composed for Television, Feature Films and over 1,000 commercials for companies including:  Coke, Nissan, Pizza Hut, Acura, Microsoft, Denny's, Mazda, Mattel and many others. 


Dan is composer for the VH1 Reality Hits “Ochocinco; The Ultimate Catch”, "The Surreal Life” "Flavor of Love” and “For the Love Of Ray J". He also scored the music for Style Network’s “Ruby” as well as Joel Silver's "Next Action Star"  on NBC.  He scored the TBS series "Outback Jack”  as well as “Set for Life” on ABC, “Same Name” on CBS and "Does Someone Have to Go?" onFOX.


Dan has done the score for a number of “indy” feature motion pictures including “We’re Not Broke” which was featured at the Sundance Film Festival as well as contributing to both score and soundtrack of Mummy III.


He has received numerous BMI TV Music Awards and an Emmy Nomination. From 1990 to 1993 his music was featured as theme music for the  Sally Jesse Raphael Show and the Jerry Springer Show. He wrote the theme for the "Disney Block Party" cartoon series. He also wrote the theme for “Hogan Knows Best.” Dan also wrote a special theme for the international syndication of "Hells Kitchen."


His music is heard internationally from Theme Parks in Asia, to commercials in Australia, Europe and Russia to the Montrose Jazz Festival in Switzerland. He frequently donates his time and talents to non-profit organizations composing music for public service announcements and fund raising videos.


An accomplished pianist, guitarist, bassist, orchestrator and synthesizer programmer, he has the ability to compose in many styles from classical, jazz and symphonic music, to rock, techno, hip hop and sound design. He is also frequently asked to collaborate on lyrics for songs and jingles.



TV Credits Include:


Whodunnit (ABC)    Family Tools (ABC)


Does Someone Have To Go  (FOX) 


Same Name (CBS)                            Scouted (E!)


Surreal Life (VH1)                              Flavor of Love (VH1) 


Ruby (Style)                                       For the Love of Ray J (VH1)


Megan Wants a Millionaire (VH1)       Charm School (VH1)


My Fair Brady I & II (VH1)                  Outback Jack (TBS) 


Strange Love (VH1)                           Filthy Rich (E!) 


Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch VH1


Set for Life (ABC)                               Pedal to the Metal (Discovery)


Kept (VH1)                                         Hogan Knows Best Theme (VH1)  


Next Action Star (NBC Primetime)     Candor Hospital (Showtime) 


Theme for Sally Jesse Raphael         Theme for Jerry Springer 


Living Large-NBC                               State of Grace (ABC Family)                         


Theme for Disney Block Party Cartoon Show 



Feature Credits Include:         


Addams Family     Long Hot Summer  Metro Chase     Destruction    The Reflecting Pool


Pip and Zastrow   Flowers for the Soldier  Bad Guys   Salvation     Phoenix the Warrior


How To Get A Date in Queens     Thunder Geniuses  The Harsh Life of Veronica Mars


Mummy III; Return of the Emperor King    We’re Not Broke  5 Nights in Hollywood



Commercial Credits Include: 


Coke  Pizza  Hut  Acura  Nissan


Mattel CitiBank  Microsoft  Universal Studios


Ford  Denny’s  Del Taco  Greenlight Financial